Container Gardening

On Memorial Day my man asked me about the garden I had been talking about planting since we moved to Atlanta and had a place to plant.  Hmmm.  A hour later we had a galvanized steel container with a couple dozen holes drilled in the bottom, a bag of potting soil, and 5 plants.  We filled the bottom of the container with rocks from the yard, topped it with potting soil and a layer of our compost, more soil, and then planted jalepeno, flat leaf parsley, chives, thai basil, and tomatoes.  Here are some more ideas for container gardening.

Mediterranean Garden: tomatoes, cucumbers, rosemary, thyme, and sage.

Mexican Garden: tomatoes, jalepeno, habenero, cilantro, tomatillos

Thai Garden: thai basil, thai peppers, cilantro, lemongrass, mint

This is a quick (it only took us an hour) and easy project that can reap big rewards all summer long.