How to Make a Large Bedroom Feel Intimate

"I have a very large bedroom and a queen bed how do I make my bedroom feel intimate but at the same time not cluttered?"
I recently received an email from a reader asking for advice regarding her master bedroom.  Now, first I wish we all had the too-large-bedroom problem.  But this can be an issue for those fortunate ones and here are some suggestions to help.

1. I suggest getting a poster or canopy bed.  This creates a room within a room.

2. Create a seating area with a sofa or a couple of upholstered chairs.  Lay coordinating rugs under the bed and in the seating area.

3. Use lamps, if you have one overhead light it unifies the space.  But lamps will light up separate areas allowing the eye to take in each individually.

4. Upholster the walls, a pricey option, but this will eliminate any echo and soften the hard corners.

5. Use a pair of large bookcases, plants, sofas, dressers, armoires, etc.  These pieces will command attention and dominate the space.

6. Don't fill every space and avoid small pieces that will clutter the room.