Lucas Studio

Since my fellow Michael Smith alums, Parrish Chilcoat & Joe Lucas of Lucas Studio are getting good press lately, I thought I would join the party.  Recently they were selected to do a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane.  They are in good company with Kathryn Ireland, Windsor Smith, Nathan Turner, and Bunny Williams recently hosting sales.  Then when I opened July 2010 House Beautiful, there they were again-  featured on Instant Room pg 32.

There are dozens of great designers that have emerged from Michael Smith.  I will feature some others in the coming weeks and months.  Parrish and Joe are doing great design and not long ago expanded Harbinger, their impressive shop and showroom located in Almont Yard.  Lucas Studio also recently hired another Michael Smith trained designer, Jessica Spink.  If you haven't heard of Lucas Studio, pay attention, they are going to be rising on the radar.