The Untimely Death of Amy Perlin

I did not know Amy well personally, I knew her style and her exceptional eye for antiques.  I have bought many of her pieces for clients.  Stories of an amazing auction deal she missed or a rant on a co-worker of mine that she felt so guilty for she sent cookies as an apology is the most up close and personal I ever got.  I hear she was an incredible person, lively and brash.  Last week the design community and beyond lost a great talent.  In an interview for 1stDibs, Amy was quoted as saying, "I always bought just what I liked, whether it was off the street or in a chateau."


"Learning that if she couldn't understand the numbers a dealer quoted her (in Bordeaux), the price was too high, and if she fell in love with a piece to move quickly and not haggle.  'Life is too short,' she says with a knowing but gentle smile."  1stdibs Introspective - Shop Talk - Amy Perlin Antiques