Interior Design Contract Template (Word)

interior design contract template word.png
interior design contract template word.png

Interior Design Contract Template (Word)


Stop being confused by what should be in your contract!  Use mine as a template!

This Word template will help you do just that.  This editable document will help you get a head start in your business.  All the basics and more of an interior design contract.  This document is what I use in my business and it is designed to adapt to your own business.  

Also available in Mac Pages (.pages) format click here.

*Be sure to read “Know Before You Buy” below!

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Know Before You Buy:

This digital download includes an editable (in Word) interior design contract and fee schedule template.  This is the document I use for client projects and covers the work that I do.  You can edit and adapt to your business.  It includes three pages of the design agreement, followed by two pages of FAQS and a fee schedule.  

If you want to go the extra mile, this template can also help you work on your processes and answer questions like: How often do you bill?  How long do clients have to pay for items?  Will you require 100% deposit?  

And yes!  This is the same document as in this article but in a template that you can easily edit.  You can also use this article to help with your fee schedule.  

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