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I am an interior designer who helps other designer’s build their businesses.  I believe designers should support and uplift each other.  As an interior designer, I share what has worked for me in running a design business.  So take your time and look around.  A rising tide lifts all boats, by helping and boosting fellow designers I believe together we can elevate the business of interior design.

My greatest advice is to have the confidence to run your business the way you want to.  When you have confidence the rest is so much easier.  

You won’t find hand-holding or sugar-coating here.  Just straight-forward, candid advice.  If we expect more of ourselves, we will raise the standards of our industry.

90% Business. 10% Design.  That is what they say about running a small design business.  This seven-week course was developed to train interior design business owners on the 90%.  Are you ready to be the CEO of your business?

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Free Advice on Running Your Interior Design Business

I want to give you the tools to run your business your way. Now is the time to be the CEO.

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Capella Kincheloe has been in interior design for over 10 years.  After graduation from the University of Southern California, Capella began working for the art department in the television and film industry.  She left Hollywood for Santa Monica working on the homes of celebrities, presidents, and executives.  After building her own successful design firm in Atlanta, she returned to her home state of Arizona, fusing her Southern California aesthetic with that of the Southwest.  Capella lives in Phoenix with her husband and three rescue dogs.  #collaborationovercompetition

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