10 amazing modern fireplaces

I don't know what possessed me to write about fireplaces when the summer solstice is around the corner and the temps have already reached triple digits.  But here are some of my favorites, not overly contemporary and space-age.  Just good simple, clean-lined modern fireplaces because I still prefer wood burning to stylized gas flame.

  • Molded concrete hearth and surround & floating shelves make this Better Homes & Gardens room a cozy modern fireplace.
  • This beautiful space photographed by Jessica Comingore could have gone modern with the brick fireplace, but its updated with light and airy paint and a thick stone slab hearth.
  • Simplicity rules this small white firebox in Amsterdam featured in Milk Magazine.
  • This fireplace in Brazil is an updated version of the original mod fireplaces, one of my favorite spaces ever.
  • I love the look of this streamlined Japanese-made Filiofocus against the white wall.
  • This unique material used by Applegate Tran Interiors is made up of natural agate and is stone used is a completely fresh way.
  • This geometric wall hides clutter while showcasing the small, but impactful fireplace featured in Metropolitan Home.
  • Using traditional materials, this fireplace design by Nick Olsen is modern in scale and simplicity.
  • The perfect modern fireplace in the home of Elena López-Fonta, clean, white and simple.