Client Confessions: Capella Kincheloe

Learn what interior design clients think about interior designers.

You very rarely hear about design from the design client unless it is in a shelter magazine or a bad review online.  But there are thousands of experiences in between.  Here is a perspective of different projects through the eyes of a client and the value they see in interior design.  This series is to help other designers understand design clients better and for clients to see the value of interior design.

Client: TV in Scottsdale, AZ
Designer: Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Project Budget:$50,001 - $100,000

What made you decide to hire a designer?

I had to get very honest with myself about how I wanted to spend my time. While I love looking at furniture and everything related to homes and decorating, it is an entirely different process to have to shop for a room full, or a home full, of furniture, rugs, art and accessories. Even if you don’t mind the amount of time and energy it takes to do that amount of running around, I think you have to ask yourself if you have that very specific skill set which designers have and which is necessary to end up with a beautiful and functional result.

Another reason I decided to hire our designer is because I knew she would have access to many sources that I had no idea even existed, let alone could access.

What were your concerns about hiring a designer?

One of my concerns was about the person’s honesty and integrity in terms of how they spent their time and my money. Another concern I had was whether I would feel steamrollered by the designer’s ideas and not end up with a home that felt like us.

What is the most rewarding part of working with a designer?

The most rewarding part is the feeling you get every single time you walk into your home. You realize that you achieved a result that absolutely would not have happened if you’d done it alone. There is a quality and feel to our home that is hard to describe but which friends and visitors recognize immediately. Also rewarding is the recognition that it was money very well spent when you consider the result.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have consulted my designer far earlier in the renovation process instead of waiting until it was time to “decorate”.  I’ve learned my lesson, however, and am consulting our designer before our next project even begins!

What is your advice for those who have never worked with a designer?

I would tell them that the most important thing in the design process that will dictate a successful outcome is the relationship you have with the designer. Pay very close attention to how they represent themselves and their work, both through their written descriptions and photos. Try to get a “feel” for them as a person and for their style to see if it feels like a good fit for you. Hire someone whose design style you absolutely LOVE!  Spend enough time finding the right person because that is, hands down, what will facilitate great communication and an awesome result.

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