Client Gift Guide

Not sure what you should give to clients as gifts? #clientgifts #cktradesecrets #interiordesignbusiness #giftguide #interiordesignclients

With the holidays around the corner, I've rounded up the best gifts to give your interior design clients.  This should be part of your marketing plan as well as a nice gesture and relationship building.

Your marketing plan should include a yearly holiday card (any holiday is good, not just the December ones!) or a card on their birthday or anniversary at minimum.  This keeps you on their mind. It is also nice to send cards to vendors you work closely with or who had great customer service this year.

The secret to being a good gift giver is paying attention and purchasing something personal and thoughtful that shows you pay attention. It makes a lot more impact to give something that you thoughtfully selected for a client rather than something that is simply expensive.

Did your client mention a desire to travel to Bali? Gift something from Bali or a book about Bali.

Do you know they have family game night? Gift them a game.

Have a client who loves nature? Consider a National Parks Pass.

Great gift ideas for your clients. #interiordesignbusiness #cktradesecrets #giftguide #clientgifts

1- Books are my favorite gift to give. There is a book on every subject that your client could possibly be interested in and they make good home accessories.

2- Obviously, home accessories are also a great idea. Choose something that would be a great finishing touch and let them know where you think it would look great.

3- Things that can be consumed are also wonderful when you don’t know what to give. That way people don’t have to find a place to store them. Think memberships, tickets, food, wine, whiskey, experiences, etc.

4 - Gifts that your clients can use are also always a good idea. This can be alpaca blankets, games, kitchen items, travel accessories. Though useful, these shouldn’t be practical. Keep it fun and something that your client likely wouldn’t buy for themselves.