Last Tuesday, this is what I picked up from my Serenbe CSA share.  For a very reasonable cost, I get fresh, organic vegetables every tuesday and I can avoid going to the grocery store for long periods of time - since I use my pantry staples (rice, potatoes, onions, polenta, lentils, pasta, etc) to compose meals.  This is what I made with my share last week.  If you have questions about my methods or recipes below - send me an email and I will be happy to further explain.
  • Eggplant fries (I also threw in the yellow squash which wasn't as successful).  This sounds strange, but when you have Peter Cheng's dry-fried eggplant at Tasty 2 you will be in heaven.  This recipe is a different take on the idea, but much more accessible for home.
  • Ginger and garlic stir-fry, I used the bok choy, peppers, and beans for this recipe.  Super simple, I julienned about 2" square section of ginger, thinly sliced two garlic cloves, dropping them in super-hot pan with a little oil.  Followed up with all the chopped veggies until they were cooked through - the super-hot pan is key- and at the last minute added a couple tablespoons full of soy sauce.  Served over rice.  Couldn't be easier for using up all those veggies.
  • Swiss chard dip for college football on Saturday with cucumber and radish for dipping.  This is like Spinach dip, but with Swiss chard instead, so you have to sauté the chard before using it in this recipe in place of the spinach.
  • Acorn squash, sage, and whole wheat pasta.  Cut the acorn squash in half, roasting it in the oven until soft.  In the meantime, get your pasta on a boil, and heat up some olive oil in a pan.  Throw in a handful of sage leaves, perfuming the oil and frying the leaves.  Remove the leaves.  Scoop out the flesh from the squash and put it in sage-y oil.  Reserve some pasta water when you drain your pasta and use to make sauce to coat noodles.  Add a handful of parmesan to sauce.  Toss to coat.  Season with salt and pepper and top with fried sage leaves and more parmesan.
  • Marinated cucumbers - this was a staple my dad made when I was growing up.  You could always find these quick-pickles in the fridge.  Slice cucumbers, pour over equal parts water and vinegar with a few tablespoons sugar.  I add a little celery seed and hot peppers for heat.  Let sit and done.