Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like an inexperienced fraud in your interior design business? Here is what you can do. #interiordesignbusiness #interiordesignclients #capellakincheloe #cktradesecrets

I don’t have enough experience to take that project.

Why would clients listen to my advice?

I’m charging too much and client’s won’t pay me for my time.

Imposter syndrome rears its ugly head pretty regularly. I see it in other designers and more potently, I notice it in myself. Why would anyone listen to me? I battle it pretty regularly. I’m pretty sure most of us do.

But the trick is to acknowledge that limiting thought and counteract it it with another.

I hear you, but I choose not to listen to you right now, Doubt. In fact, I choose to believe that I am capable and deserving.

And this is how you get rid of imposter syndrome. Constant practice. You see, your brain is trying to keep you safe and secure. This usually means avoiding all risks, any danger, and generally keeping you from growing. It likes the status quo. There is comfort in predictability.

Your brain is telling you you’re an imposter to stay in your comfort zone.

Growth and success doesn’t find it’s way into the comfort zone, you must constantly be challenging yourself and giving the finger to your limiting beliefs (like why would anyone listen to me?)

Here is another tip: No matter how successful you get, you may never eliminate imposter syndrome entirely. So when it creeps up, say hello, flip the script, and move on.

When those feelings of being a fraud, inexperienced, not professional, not good enough creep in they will actually try to control you by inaction, stunting your growth, creating self-sabotage, and prevents you from moving forward.

You have a choice, you can let your brain keep you “safe” and “comfortable” or you can counteract it.

So we’ve talked about two tips that will make a huge difference in your feelings of Imposter Syndrome

  1. Acknowledge imposter syndrome and counteract it with a confident statement.

  2. Realize that may never go away 100%.

    Here are a couple more:

  3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Tell yourself you’re right where you need to be. You’re on your own path.

  4. Take time to recognize your accomplishments. Big or small. Celebrate!

  5. Create a Smile File - Whenever you get a nice email from a client, a colleague, a vendor, a peer, save it to read when you’re feeling like a fraud. Realize how much you impact other’s lives.

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