edecorating vs traditional interior design You want  help designing your home.  But you are not sure if you want to hire an interior designer for the full project.  I've been hearing a lot lately that clients are looking for someone to point them in the right direction and then let them fly.  Sound like you?  E-decorating or online decorating has blown up in the past 5 years and this is a great option for those that want a little help.  But just like traditional interior design services vary widely between each firm and interior designer so do virtual design services.

Take this short quiz to find out if you should go the traditional route or do it virtually. 

  1. Are you located in the same city as your designer? A) Yes     B) No
  2. How many rooms would you like to do? A) Whole House     B) 1-2
  3. Is your budget: A) More than $20,000     B) Less than $20,000
  4. Which is more true?  A) I would rather pay someone else to do the work     B) I love DIY
  5. I am an experienced DIYer.  A) False     B) True
  6. I have great style & taste.  A) False     B) True
  7. I have to be involved in every single decision. A) True     B) False
  8. I want my home to be completely custom.  A) True     B) False
  9. I have a photo and I want my house to look exactly like the photo.  A) False     B) True
  10. Would you rather:  A) Buy the item full price to get it quickly or B) Wait for the sale.
  11. I like seeing and touching everything I buy.  A) True     B) False

Mostly As: Traditional interior design services are probably going to fit you best.  You have a lot of work to do and would like to have someone guide you along the way.  You may know what you want but not know what your options are and need help creating an entire space to fit your life.  You have a little more to spend on creating a home you love and know that it is a good investment to hire a professional.  You do not want to deal with the sourcing and project management or painting your own walls.

Mostly Bs: E-decorating is the best option for you.  You may not be in the same city as the designer you want to hire or perhaps you really want to design the space yourself with a guiding hand of a designer.  You have a tight budget and just a couple of rooms that need attention.  You enjoy the process of hunting down the right antique at a local yard sale and you don't mind spending an entire weekend stenciling your wall.

Now that you have a better idea which service is right for you, do your research on designers.  If you are looking for a traditional interior designer, ask friends for recommendations, search Houzz, read local blogs, look in your local shelter publications.

If looking for a e-decorator you can apply all the above search options, but  the entire country is your oyster.  Blogs are especially helpful for this type of search, because you will find posts by clients who have used virtual decorating services as well as designers who offer this service.

Good luck and let me know in the comments below why you chose one service over the other.