giving back hendrick boards I see this blog as a lifestyle blog, not just about interior design, but about how to create a life that is meaningful in many ways.  When I read an article in the April 2013 issue of Entrepreneur magazine, I knew I had to share this company with you.  Hendrick Boards donates as much as 40 percent of its revenue to shelter animals in need.

David Hendrickson's business started while on his longboard in the Pacific Ocean with his dog William.  While, in the process of adopting William from an Orange County animal shelter, David had been told that the puppy only had a month to live, due to poisoning from household cleaning chemicals (seriously people - go green).  Not willing to let that happen, the dog and his new companion fought to keep him alive, to the tune of $20,000 in medical bills.  That is love.  I wish everyone had this man's heart.  William survived and as the two bobbed up and down in the Pacific Ocean, David had the kind of clarity moment that comes when you connect to nature and to your soul.  David knew he had to combine his many passions - art, design, longboarding, and animals.  He started Hendrick Boards as an eco-friendly skateboard and apparel business to help animals in shelters with only $250.

You can help too.  Buy a shirt.

As David Hendrickson said in Entrepreneur magazine, "I just knew we had to be profitable, because that was the way to save more animals."

Spread love.

Image: Mom & me on Mother's Day in our Hendrick's shirts.

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