Master Bathroom Counter in Showhouse

What do granite and independent thinking have to do with one another? Let me tell you, I regularly see people oohing and ahhing over granite, like its the finest counter material known to man.  This is one of my serious design peeves.  A man even growled at me at the Christmas Showhouse because I used a quartz composite (Quartzia from Levantina) instead of the almighty granite.  Well sir, Quartzia looks better, has superior resistance to stains and scratches, is hygienic, and is more modern than granite.  Everybody uses granite - why not be unique and use another material?  Quartz, concrete, wood, zinc, onyx, glass, marble are all good options.

Another note about independent thinking, there are a million voices that want to influence your choices and opinions, but make your own decisions.  If you choose something know that its because you like it and not because a blog, or a tv show, or a magazine told you that you should.  Have an opinion, its okay if it is opposite the voice of the consensus.  Its okay to still like suzanis even if they are everywhere.  Or to never want to paint a single room in your home grey.  That is what makes the world interesting.

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