Have you heard about Design Collective ATL?

So when I moved to Atlanta I thought clients would be knocking down my door (hello optimism!) but Atlanta is more about the tried and true than what's next and new.  But people are gathering here from all over the country, including urbanites, young families, artists, designers, and restauranteurs.  So there is a lot of next and new, but there still is no real outlet for discovery and networking.

I have seen that the design world has changed and we need to adapt and I know that we need to work harder.  We also need to educate the community about alternative design options. To commit to transparency, honesty, and accessibility. To adapt to the changing landscape of design and design clients.  To maintain a high level of quality and value from clients and in ourselves.  To facilitate new ideas and support within the design community. To encourage the use of an interior design and design professionals.

A year of hard work later, I have been published, designed for a Showhouse, been featured on amazing blogs (thank you friends!), given speeches in front of people, and started a new organization that I co-founded with Hillary Linthicum from Peace Design to address everything above.  Pretty cool right?

So check us out at www.designcollectiveatl.com and see if you want to join the Collective.