Interior Designer's Toolkit

A big list of tools with Tips that you need for your interior design toolbag

It's always fun to get a peak inside of someone's bag, right?  I little snapshot into their life and the treasures they carry with them.  But mainly, I like looking in someone's bag because maybe, just maybe they'll have discovered some great secret I'm not yet privy too.  That miracle lip plumper?  A genius planner? An adorable key ring?  Secrets hidden in someone's bag.  

Being an interior designer means schlepping around quite a bit of stuff in your bag (and vehicle).  From a job-site meeting with a contractor to meeting a new client to installations, there are many different occasions that interior designers must be prepared for.  Below I've rounded up the best items that a well-prepared interior designer should have in her toolkit.  

The essentials for an interior designer to carry in her bag.  Everything you'll need for an installation.  
  1.  Box Cutter - For opening boxes, maybe two because one will inevitable get lost.
  2. Multi-purpose Laser Level - For hanging artwork and showing your tile guy that the tile is crooked.  
  3. Furniture Moving Pads - These make it easier to move furniture around without several burly men (or women).
  4. Furniture Blanket - For protecting furniture in transit or throwing over the chair that came in the wrong finish.  
  5. Monofilament Line - Use this to hide cords by tying to table legs.
  6. Tape Measure - Every designer's bff.
  7. Felt Pads - To protect the newly finished floor from the newly installed sofa.
  8. Goo Gone - Why do stores put impossible to get off price tags on?  
  9. Laser Distance Measurer - Ever try to measure a 30'+ room by yourself?  This is so much easier.
  10. Picture Hanging Kit - Because you're going to need a nail or hook for something.
  11. Canvas Bag - To carry it all!  Add a couple of paint decks for an excuse to get a massage.

Here are some more items to consider:

  1. ProjectCalc - This I use more than anything else on this page.  Easily calculates measurements in yds/ft/inches.  
  2. A change of shoes - Always keep closed-toed flats handy for a last minute job-site visit.  
  3. Architectural scale - For reading plans or menacingly whacking your palm.  You could also enter your name in this giveaway for a free one + some great free books!
  4. Spray cleaner - For cleaning off the mover's fingerprints from the mirror, the glass table, the tv.  Bring some rags or paper towels too.
  5. A lighter - for lighting candles before the homeowners come home for their turnkey install.
  6. Tracing Paper - You never know when you'll need to convey an idea.

If you're looking for the best books for running an interior design business visit Toolkit.

And want to know what CAD tools I recommend?  

(This page contains Amazon affiliate links because I wanted you to know exactly what I recommend.) 

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