Real Designer: Jannicke Ramsø

All this month I’m interviewing real-life designers about what it is like to run a design business.  As you’ll see these ladies have all different backgrounds and experiences, but one thing they all have in common is that they have taken my course, The Golden Blueprint.  

I wish that every designer believed more in themselves and their firms to see that transparency and supporting each other is to everyones benefit and that it would only lift the industry.

About Jannicke Ramsø Jannicke has never settled for ordinary and it has taken her on adventures from her hometown of Rissa, Norway to her current home of Las Vegas.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and worked with the venerable Roger Thomas before starting her design business, Tiny Little Pads,  under two years ago.  Jannicke has embraced her specialty of designing high-end kid's spaces.

What traits or talents have made you successful? I don't compare myself or my business to others. None can do what I do, the way that I do it with my unique mix of personality and experience. In doing business I have found that consistency, a good dose of personality, passion and drive can take you a long way.

How do you charge? Hourly, but offer packages based on scope and square footage.

What has been your biggest sacrifice in running your business? There are sacrifices in most everything you do in life. Business is no different. The biggest sacrifice for me has been the amount of me-time that I get. Between running my own business, doing a side job, a husband that is in and out of the country and working a much different schedule than me, and two little ones, there is simply not that much time left for me. But on the other side, I am happier than I have ever been and life is good.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned running your business? Whenever you have a question or doubt, reach out to other people in the industry who have walked your path before you to learn from their mistakes and successes. You know how it goes...when you do something for the first time you can't stop thinking about how perfect you would have done it the second time. ...don't be afraid to let other people be your "first time."

What does success mean to you? A critical ingredient in success to me is "doing"! A lot of people have ideas, but there are only a few who actually decide to do something about them. I did! I started a company, in the US as a native of Norway, in a time that was not considered great for the industry, nor for my family, in a niche, in a city that is know for everything, but what I attempted to do. I still believed in it and I was able to get my firm established and recognized from people I admire greatly. That to me is success.

When you stumble how do you pick yourself up? Simply taking a step back, letting things go for a little bit and getting a good night sleep.

Do you have a favorite quote, motto, mantra, affirmation? "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." -Henry Ford

How do you wish the design industry was different? I wish that every designer believed more in themselves and their firms to see that transparency and supporting each other is to everyones benefit and that it would only lift the industry.

Looking back, is there anything that you wish you could've done differently running your business? I was online looking for info on how to start my own interior design business when I stumbled upon I instantly tagged it and printed some really helpful articles. I was relieved to find someone willing to share info from the industry...I thought about signing up for The Golden Blueprint, but I wasn't sure it was legit...the internet can be a scary beast some times. After about a year I came full circle, signed up for the class and the only thing I regretted was not signing up for it the first time I saw it. It would have saved me a lot of time and headache.

What are you most proud of? On a business level, I'm the most proud of actually taking the leap, starting my firm and sticking to the niche that I wanted to be in despite of all the warning signs and skepticism I received. On a personal level it is being a mom and a wife. My two beautiful children are everything to me and they were the inspiration for staring my business along with my loving husband that has believed in my venture and supporting me every step of the way.

What is your biggest struggle in running your business? Time. There is never enough time. If someone has the secret recipe on how to perfectly balance, work, children, husband and me-time please give me a shout out!

No-one can do it the way you do it, so stop comparing yourself to others and other companies. Simply be yourself and carry on the work you believe in.

Any sage advice or words of wisdom to fellow designers? Believe in yourself and the traits that make you different! No-one can do it the way you do it, so stop comparing yourself to others and other companies. Simply be yourself and carry on the work you believe in. Period.

What is on the horizon for your business? There's quite a few things happening right now, both with styling & photography and interior design. I'm currently working on a collaborative photoshoot and blog post with an Online Boutique Toy Store in NY. Tiny Little Pads planned, styled and executed the entire shoot. I also just had a phone interview with the largest newspaper in Las Vegas where I was discussing all things DIY arts and crafts for the children this holiday season. We are shooting these ideas this upcoming weekend along with "Christmas in the Playhouse," I fun tradition that I have started with my Children that we do together and share with our followers on social media. On the interior design side, I'm working on two spaces for the Inaugural Showcase House in Las Vegas, opening to public in January 2018. Tiny Little Pads has been awarded two spaces; a shared kids bedroom and a custom built mid-century modern playhouse like you have never seen before. We just had our kick-off party where we shared our design ideas with the media. I am also working on a toddler room for a little fella in Norway. The rest of the year is Family Time enjoying the holiday - my favorite!

How has your business changed since The Golden Blueprint? I have implemented so many things from The Golden Blueprint since I finished the course. It has become the foundation of my business as I know this has been tested and worked successfully for someone with a very similar background as me. I feel more confident in my decisions as I have gotten everything I once doubted confirmed and I have received a much needed inside into the Residential Part of the industry as my background was Hospitality Design and working for someone else.

The best way to contact Jannicke is or on Instagram.  Photos courtesy: Jannicke Ramsø.