phoenix interior design kitchen remodel A couple of years ago I was contacted by a lovely lady that needed help on her home.  I was in Atlanta at the time (now I live in Phoenix) and this lovely lady knew she needed design direction and was extremely handy, but wanted to keep tight reins on costs.  A recipe for my online decorating services.  So we started in the Master Bedroom and worked our way through the main floor and onto the nursery for their newest family member.  But the cherry on top was the renovated kitchen being published in kitchen & bath makeovers, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication Summer 2013.

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And because I know that seeing the before images make the after images that much more titillating, here are some more photos not in the magazine.


KOL kitchen before


KOL Kitchen by Capella Kincheloe


KOL Kitchen Before

Click here to see more AFTER photos.

KOL kitchen Before

 Click here to see the AFTER photos.

 So what do you think of the transformation?