overexposed design elements on capellakincheloe.com I look at a lot of interior design images.  I read dozens of shelter magazines, blogs, my Pinterest, Facebook, and a good portion of Twitter is devoted to design and scrolling through each one is a visual design assault.  In all of this exposure, there are a few trends that are toeing the line between perfectly executed and overdone.  I love them, but I am also tired of seeing them everywhere I turn.   Obviously I am a little torn on the issue because in all the images below I absolutely adore how they have used each element.

chevron - impossible to get away from.  Keep it fresh by looking for patterns that are not perfectly symmetrical zigzags or used in a different way.

upholstered headboards - so practical, that even I have two.  I fought hard against it, searching for other options, but not much softens a room, provides comfort and flexibility like an upholstered headboard.  Look for upholstered headboards that also incorporate iron or wood frames to keep it classic and not trendy.  

bar carts- you can't open your eyes without seeing one - some badly executed and some dazzling.  And lets face it, hauling ice, and used bar utensils back and forth from the kitchen isn't as convenient as keeping the vodka in the freezer.  

white subway tile - the go-to kitchen backsplash, its simple, classic and of course you see it used in design everywhere.  You can personalize it a little more by changing tile size or grout color (grey grout anyone?).

So tell me, overexposed or awesome?