We are currently under contract in a home in Moon Valley and I am over the moon because the house has  a great layout and positive vibes.  But I am also cautious because its never a sure thing until closing day - which can't come quick enough since we are staying with family.  The house needs some work, primarily in the kitchen which will be the first to go followed by the master bathroom.  We will also be spending weekends and evenings getting the backyard in entertaining condition.  The pool has been neglected for the winter and pomegranate and tangelo trees that need watering.  This is actually making me look forward to a summer in Phoenix.  I suppose if the kitchen doesn't get finished quickly we can grill out all spring & summer :).

I have a million ideas as to how I am going to decorate the house and design the kitchen & baths.  I think you could call the overall design global organic luxury.  This weekend is our inspection so cross your fingers for me!  If all goes well I will share some photos of the house with you.