Should You Start a Interior Design Blog?

Should You Start An INterior Design BLog?  Three Reasons You need to start writing now... And three Reasons You shouldn't.  #interiordesignbusiness #cktradesecrets #interiordesignblog

Three Reasons to Start an Interior Design Blog 

1. SEO

You want more eyeballs on your website, this is how you do it.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization and the more content on your website, the more Google has to troll, and the higher it'll appear in search rankings.  IF you put the right keywords on your site - meaning your specialty, your location, your ideal clients, and what people are searching for in your area - literally what do they type into the Google search box.  

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2. Make it personal

If you have a blog on your website potential clients get a feel for who you are as a person.  They can get an idea of who they would be working with and if you'd get along.  Clients hire people to do interior design work for them not brands.  So don't be afraid to show a bit of yourself on your blog.  

3. Position yourself as an expert

This is your opportunity to show off all your skills and knowledge.  This is hard to do in a couple paragraphs on your about page, but fairly easy if you have lots of posts showing it off.  Write about the problems you've faced and solved.  Write about finding the perfect piece for a tough spot.  You can give potential clients a little peek into the process and they'll feel more comfortable knowing you can solve their problems.  

Three Reasons to Not Start a Blog for Interior Design Business

1. You feel underwater already

If you already feel like you're drowning in work and have no time for yourself or your family it's probably not the right time to start a blog.  Blogs take time.  A lot of time.  I spend hours writing and putting together these posts for you.  Sometimes it takes months of planning and research.  Quality is important because this is representative of your business.  That said, maybe there is something else that you should let go of to make time for a blog.  Because, well, SEO.  

2. You start things and don't finish

You know who you are.  If you're more of an idea person than an executor, a blog may be hard for you.  What you don't want to do is go strong for a month or so and then taper off eventually stopping altogether.  When people visit your site and see a post from 9 months ago, they may wonder if you are still in business.  Consistency is key. 

3. You're doing it for the wrong reasons.

You want a blog on your website to attract clients and educate them about your business.  Your goals shouldn't be to put ads on your blog and make money.  Because you probably won't.  Your goal shouldn't be to become internet famous, because the way you get there is different.  If your heart isn't in the right place, clients will feel that.  Authenticity is important.