What the pros know gilt and gild by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design Phoenix


Gilt Chaise Lounge

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Gilt Accent Table

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Bamboo Gilt Mirror

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Hexagonal Lantern


Gilt Framed Venus de Milo


Think of gild as the process of applying a thin layer of gold-leaf or gold-colored finish.  Gilt is the finished object.  You can gild a frame as a DIY to then have a gilt frame.


Humans are attracted to shiny objects and this process began as early as (if not before) the 5th century in Egypt and Greece.  You can use a relatively small amount of real gold to cover large area and make it look rich, luxurious, and expensive.

What the Pros Know:

Gilt adds richness and patina to any home.  Anything that you can imagine could be covered in gold-leaf or painted gold.  Just a touch can be added to furniture, like the chaise above or entire pieces can be gilded.  Paint a tissue box gold, spray a light fixture, gild a thrift-store frame.  By incorporating a few luxe touches into any room, you'll have instant glam.

  • An elaborate gilt mirror is tempered by a modern desk and deconstructed chaise in this Spanish home designed by Andina & Tapia.
  • Gilt tables mingle with warm yellows in this home designed by Carrier and Company featured in House Beautiful September 2013.
  • Gilt candlesticks help lighten the dark wood desk in this library designed by Studio Peregalli.
  • Gilt touches abound in this English home of Will Fisher featured in World of Interiors

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