We've lived in our home almost two years now, so I feel a little exposed showing you these photos without the space being "complete".  You may remember my confession on this post.  But I've been grappling with this choice for years now I thought I would loop you in to help me make a choice. The designer's dilemma - we are our own worst clients and have trouble making decisions for our own home, but not others.

Phoenix Interior Design BloggerSo this is what my bedroom currently looks like.  An upholstered headboard that I bought because I couldn't take not having one a minute longer.  I purchased it in ivory because I thought I was going to paint the walls dark, like dark dark.  A few sconces I threw up just to have something to read with and a couple of toss pillows that have travelled around with me for some time.

So this is where you come in.

I've been waffling between paint colors and want to hear your thoughts.

Here are the choices:

1. Wet Concrete 2114-40.  Before you accuse me of jumping on the radiant orchid trend wagon, I have had a love affair with a dirtier, grittier purple since 2011.

wet concrete benjamin moore

2. Salisbury Green HC-139

salisbury green hc139

Which would you choose?