Part 1 of this post was done before the painters had arrived at my house and talks about all the preparations needed when you are having the exterior of your house painted.  Stuff that you've never thought that you needed to do. These "after" photos are taken from my phone, without any styling or even shooing the dogs out of the shot.  Bonus points if you can spot all three of my little monsters.  The first image is always the "before" image, but hopefully you caught on to that already.

panoramic shots capella kincheloe exterior house painting

capella kincheloe exterior house painting soffits

capella kincheloe exterior house painting back porch v2

capella kincheloe exterior house painting back porch

In the image above, I chose to paint the door frame the same as the house color to not draw attention to it.

Here are the colors I selected.  I took my paint books out and thumbed through until I found a color I liked - Creekbed.  It is a warm taupey color that I then paired with a dark chocolate color- Rural Earth.

capella kincheloe exterior house paint colors

We also had two "ceilings" that I didn't want to paint the house color because I was worried about it being too dark.  So I took a page out of the Southerner's handbook and painted the ceilings a light blue.  I couldn't commit to a true blue, so a blue-white of Cascade Mountain won out.

The painters here had never heard that a blue ceiling keeps spiders at bay.  Fingers crossed that it still works with the lightest of blues in Cascade Mountains.

Don't forget to read Part 1 if you haven't already!