best interior paint colors Picking paint colors is scary to many people - there are so many choices.

I'm sharing with you today all the colors that have never done me wrong.  In other words, they've always worked no matter where I've put them, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms.

But colors are deeply personal and my only advice on choosing colors for your own home is to not overthink it.

Interior design is about how an entire room will come together and if you spend energy picking and evaluating dozens of paint colors you will never even make it to the end to see how everything works together.

When I select paint colors for clients, I do so quickly, flipping through my paint decks, my mind working at hyperspeed until a color just feels right.  Not that a particular color has good vibes, though some like Benjamin Moore Pure Joy just shout happiness, but that a color fits perfectly into your beautiful puzzle.

benjamin moore shadow

Let me know what you biggest paint struggles are in the comments below!