It is a beautiful thing to be able to watch a man (or woman) perform his craft the way he has done it hundreds if not thousands of times before.  The way that perhaps his father or mother did, and grandparents before.  Many of these crafts are dying out because we favor cheaper and faster building methods.  You can't rush quality and beauty.

American College of Building Arts photo by Post & CourierAmerican College of Building Arts via The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

The American College of Building Arts is teaching students to restore, preserve, and to build.  This is the only 4 year college to teach students traditional craftsmanship in architectural stone, carpentry, forged architectural ironwork, plaster working, preservation masonry, and timber framing.  The College is helping renew an interest in trades that could be lost.  

American College of Building Arts _ ForgingAmerican College of Building Arts

American College of Building Arts DraftingAmerican College of Building Arts

American College of Building ArtsAmerican College of Building Arts

Imagine what would happen to all of the grand homes if there was no one around who knew how to repair or restore the building.  Bad fixes would only contribute to the decay and disrepair.