Milk & Honey Guest Post:

I am so honored to be posting here at Capella's blog.  I can't  wait to see her spaces in AH&L Christmas House, can you?
I want to share today a few things that are easy on my eyes:  collections.  If decorating doesn't come easily to you,  one thing you can try is to group things in your home.  You can "go shopping" in your own rooms and use things you already home.  Collect your accessories and see what you can pull together in  the same hue.  You may be surprised what you can create!
Above, here is a picture of our mantel.  I love some sparkle in a room (especially near lighting where you get more bang for your buck), so mercury glass was a good option here.  And the more,
the merrier!
Here, in the office, I have a small vignette of some white items.  There is no rule, but there is something pleasing of groupings  in odd numbers.
 Even in the laundry room make a little grouping.  Instead of hodge podge items everywhere, make your chores more beautiful and appealing by adding a collection of baskets, vintage glass canisters,
 I admit I stole this idea from Martha Stewart....some dishes call for wooden utensils, some for metal.  Keep a little order and create a little beauty by grouping them in their own vase, bucket or the
People are amazed that I can "handle" our open shelving.  I am not a particularly neat person, but this is okay when you have tableware and glasses that are all white or all of the same material.  It can create visual order even when it is messy.
 As you can tell by now, I am a lover of white.  I created another grouping in our bedroom.  Here I have white candles, a white iron mirror, and white jars filled with hair bands and buttons.
 You don't have to go over-the-top in making collections; it is nice on the eye to have a blank wall next to a wall filled with art (so the mind can rest).  But instead of having little knick-knacks all of the home, try grouping them for beauty, meaning and impact.
Have a great day!  Julie from Milk and Honey Home