Living in Los Angeles, I had always dreamed of a large farmhouse table with benches.  Benches are casual and inviting.  Benches don't announce the empty spots as much as chairs do.  Two people are as good as ten.

My dining room in Atlanta was a problem, with odd doors and dimensions, it was very long and narrow - so a farmhouse table was perfect.  However the long and narrow meant that the table would have to be custom, if not it would probably look odd, because the best dimensions for the room are 30 x 30 x 72 which is not typical for dining tables.

So I started doing research and came across a blog called Knock Off Wood that had easy to follow instructions for building your own furniture.  I refigured the plans for my space and got to work.  The above picture is from my dining room,  I think the table looks pretty amazing, now if I could get to the window treatments, rug, and repainting (that is the color when we moved in - any suggestions on new colors?  I am thinking light to show off the dark wood).