the collector: french bridge chairs

(Take this with you when shopping)

Starting off my new monthly series, the collector, with a chair that I knew of nothing until 2 years ago when I bought a pair.  With no information coming from the seller, I went to cyberspace to find out what I could.  I discovered my chairs were a perfect specimens of French Bridge Chairs, albeit not in great condition.  Someone's cat had gotten to them and I can't bring myself to replace the leather because it has so much history and character.  In fact I wrote about it here, in one of my first ever posts.  But in case you ever run across a pair of these lovelies you will know what your dealing with.

Up next month on the collector: inlay.  Tell me what you think of this new series.  Yay or Nay?  You can leave a comment on my FB page too.  Oh and Happy V-Day!