This is the newest addition to my home.  It was supposed to be a furniture flip - a piece I couldn't pass on doing a little work to and then sending out in the world again to live with someone else.  But it has made my living room 10x cozier and so its staying... for now.
This little hutch received a little TLC to the outside and a coat of the color of the year - honeysuckle inside.  Sometimes I think the furniture tells you what color it needs.  This was a custom blended color that is not too girly and when styled adds just a hint of color.  Its warm and a little quirky and lightens the piece up - just look at the before photo.  I am also considering replacing the heavy wood shelves with mirror for a little sparkle.
But as more things come in - they also must go.  So this piece is for sale ready to find it's forever home.