are interior design fees negotiable?  photo credit: dttsp Pricing for time, experience, and intellectual property is no easy task.

But that is what interior decorators must do.  Some of them are good at it and others are not.

The ones that are good at pricing their services know approximately how much time it'll take, they know where to find items in your budget, they know what their bottom line is to be profitable.

The only way interior designers can provide clients with excellent service and design is by being profitable.

While there are about as many pricing structures are there are designers, my fees are what they are.

But there are a few questions you can ask your designer to find out if they would be willing to negotiate.

Are your fees negotiable?

How did you arrive at this price?

I'd be more comfortable moving forward with a flat fee/hourly rate/cost-plus is that something you'd consider?

Learn more about interior design pricing here.  

Remember, ultimately you must be comfortable with your designer and what you are being charged for any project to go smoothly.