Here is the truth.  I don't like sharing unfinished projects.  And because of that you so rarely get a glimpse into what I am actually working on right now.  Projects take a long time and I've been finding that my clients like the process, they enjoying taking their time in selections and decisions.  That just as we are finishing up they want to increase the scope.  So photoshoots end up getting delayed and I am realizing that I need to be better at creating a end date for projects. Another reason for my project shyness is that most publications won't publish work that has already been seen. Anywhere.  So I hold my projects and my clients privacy close to my heart (and iphone).

I'm working at opening up.

STE selections

So though nothing has been delivered yet, here are the selections from a current client in Northern Arizona.  The clients want flexibility since their living room windows completely fold back unifying indoor & outdoor space.  We've used indoor/outdoor fabric on all of the upholstery inside so if necessary they can pull the indoor furniture out for the day without worry.  We've used small rugs to minimize the divide between seating areas and flexbility to move furniture with the view.

Those two sofas can be configured several different ways to allow for tv watching, company or nature viewing.

Did you notice there is no coffee table?  Instead several smaller side tables will allow for a book & a drink without the permanency that a large coffee table provides.

We purchased two of the square dining tables, that will mirror each other, one in the dining room and one directly on the other side of the folding windows on the patio.  The dining chairs are great indoors or out.

STE Living Room View

The view from the kitchen into the living room and beyond.  On the left side of this image is where the dining table will go and to the left (out of frame) is the television and fireplace.  You can see we are dealing with a lot of focal points!

So, what do you think?  Would you like to see more of the process?