low maintenance living photo by dttsp

I was asked how to design a space that "degrades gracefully" during ordinary living.  Meaning, that space looks good a little messy, doesn't require constant fussing or straightening.  So if you'd like a little less upkeep at home, consider these tips.

1. Have less stuff, less stuff will require less fussing and won't get messy as easily.  The book

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

is great for this work. 

2. Embrace your space!  Your home should accommodate your life, you shouldn't accommodate your home. 

3. Keep your things in the same color palette.  Cohesion doesn't look messy.  Too many colors and the eye doesn't have anywhere to settle, so it feels more chaotic. 

4. If your space looks messy during "ordinary living" maybe items should have a new home.  Meaning, instead of the newspapers and magazines being stored on a shelf, if they end up on the coffee table - that is where their real home should be.  Or if the blankets are normally stored in the closet, keep one on the couch.  Or put trash bins in every room.  

What are your secrets to keeping a low maintenance home?