This summer, we took a little vacation to the Pacific Northwest (vacation for me, work-trip for my husband), we spent a few days in Seattle and then drove to Portland for a few more.  You can read my recommendations for these great cities in the Seattle Travel Guide & the Portland Travel Guide.  There are so many great shops, sights, and restaurants it was difficult to choose what to do next.

earthues office img by Capella Kincheloe

One evening, I was meeting my husband at the Walrus and the Carpenter and had a little time before dinner to walk around Ballard.  Luckily I stumbled into Earthues, just before the proprietor, Michele, was closing up shop.  She let me wander around, told me about their classes and showed me the most extensive textile collection I've seen outside a fabric house.

earthues block image by Capella Kincheloe

Michele Wipplinger is an expert on color, dyes, and textiles.  She holds classes in her shop on various techniques, some upcoming classes include, "BOGOLANFINI West African Inspired Mark Making Techniques","Roots, Bugs, Flowers, & Bark"&"Foundation in Natural Dyes".

earthues workroom img by Capella Kincheloe

Michele has travelled extensively throughout the world, learning and building her collections.  If you're a textile junkie like me.  This is a store that you'll need to visit.

earthues img by Capella Kincheloe

What are the hidden gems in your neighborhood?