10 things to make your home your favorite place on earth by capella kincheloe interior design phoenixYou spend a lot of time at home and my goal as a designer is to make it your favorite spot in the world.  Yeah, Bora Bora or The Alps may be nice, but unless you live there I believe that you should think there is no place like home.  You house should give you that warm and fuzzy, no-place-I'd-rather be feeling when you step in the door.  Whether you need a complete re-haul or just a few adjustments start with these 10 things when creating a spot you love.


1. Keep it clean - Keeping your house clean makes it look and smell instantly better.  It creates a more peaceful environment and helps you find things faster - because keeping it clean includes managing clutter.  Dirty dishes piled up, laundry that needs to be done, dust bunnies having babies under your furniture - not at all bliss inducing.  Take the time to create a cleaning plan or a system of keeping it clean that works for you.

2. Your bed - time to invest in some seriously pricey linens and a mattress.  You spend a third of your life in bed so make it awesome.  If you sleep well you will be less cranky and more productive during the day too - so it is absolutely worth the cost.  A bed that feels like your favorite hotel with your favorite hotel sheets will get you so much closer to your home being your favorite place on earth.  A tip to getting a luxurious feel without the monetary investment?  Iron your sheets.  Go on try it.

3. Art- Ever walk in to someone home and they have Cost Plus or Ikea art adorning all their walls?  Feels a little soulless, right?  Feed your creative side by buying good art.  It can be a piece from a flea market or a blown up image from your wedding or a trip works just as well.  Perhaps there is a guy on your street that sells his drawings for $1.   Empty walls or mass-produced copies aren't part of anyone's favorite place.

4. A quiet place-  Home should be your haven and having a quiet place to unwind and relax is muy importante.  This could be where you meditate, read, think, escape from spouse or kids or yourself.  A little piece of the world where you can just be without feeling the stresses of the world out there.   It could also be the same place that you enjoy doing what you love to do (see #5).

5. Hobbies - Do you love mountain biking?  Knitting?  Pinning?  Reading?  Having a place just for you to do what you love will do wonders for your happiness.  It should be a cinch to access and put away.

6. A rescue animal- cats and dogs have proven to help ease stress so if you are going to have the time and commitment adopt an animal in need of a warm and loving home.  My dogs make me laugh and smile everyday.  I know I can count on them to be themselves no matter what mood I'm in.

7. Organization-  But putting everything in its place, you have easy access and don't spend too much time trying to locate it.  This frees up time to spend on things that you love = makes you happier.  I know that not everyone loves to organize as much as I do, but I swear that you will feel so much more relaxed if you don't have to search for a half hour for batteries or wait until Christmas to discover that your favorite sweater made it into the box with the decorations.

8. Nature-  You should not be the only thing living in your home.  It'll feel a little lonely, even those with black thumbs are not meant to live too far from the natural world.  Start with a hard to kill houseplant, cactus, or succulent.  A fountain or even something made from unprocessed natural materials (like a basket or cactus skeleton) will help enliven your environment.

9. History.  Your mother's tablecloth, a bowl your dad made, a book that belonged to an unknown poet, these items have a history and they have soul.  They tell stories and remind you of the goings on in the rest of the world.  Use your own history and create happy triggers - photos of travel, frame your favorite recipe of Grandma's, something that makes you smile when it catches your eye.

10. Surround yourself with things you love.  Don't fight your nature.  If all-black is your thing run with it.  If you want to have 10 cats, by all means.  If you love it, it should be a part of your home.  There are people who live like it is 1951, so your beloved porcelain doll collection can go on display.

Is there something I missed on this list?  What makes your home feel like your favorite place on earth?  What makes it not feel that way?