This month's collector is about a technique: inlay, marquetry, & parquetry, well these are three techniques, but they are closely related.  I love the look of inlay and am in awe of the talent and detail that it takes to produce.
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1. Clifford A Wallach (marquetry) 2. The Well Appointed House (inlay) 3.Evergreen Antiques (inlay) 4.Moss Antiques (inlaid marquetry) 5. Hardwood Parquet Flooring (parquetry)

A note on Parquet floors: I know that this type of flooring has received a bad wrap in the past.  But like many things, when something is done cheaply or badly it ruins the look despite options that are beautiful.  I say its time to bring it back! (done well, of course).