The Insider Behind Style Curator

You know that person that always seems to know what is going to be "in" before anyone else knows about it?  That is Michal Spitzer, the girl behind Style Curator.  She was blogging and tweeting before I even had a smartphone.  Always the one to come to if you needed to know what products work and where to go for that hard to find gift.  Lucky for us, she writes about her favorite things on Style Curator when her uber-demanding job (as designer at Michael Smith Inc) gives her a little free time (see favorite discovery below).  I am not the only person to think so either, C Magazine recently featured Michal in The C List.  Recently I asked Michal about a few of her favorite things.  
Sheets: 100% Linen Sheets from Restoration Hardware or Garnet Hill
Fashion Designer: Philip Lim, J Crew
Special Occasion Restaurant: Urusawa in Beverly Hills
Casual Restaurant: Brentwood Lounge
Flower: Peony
iPhone or Blackberry: Blackberry
Art: Abstract Expressionism, Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell
Discovery: I love alone time.
Necessary extravagance: Microdermabrasion and Brazilian Blowouts  Shoes: Proenza Schoulers
Home Store: Mecox Gardens, ABC Home, HD Buttercup
Watch: Cartier  Dessert: Haagen Daaz Strawberry Ice Cream
Vacation Destination: Anywhere I haven't been yet
Piece of Jewelry: Tahitian Pearls from Pachamama in Sayulita, Mexico
City to Shop: NYC
Biggest Inspiration: Reading (books, mags, blogs, websites)
Book: Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis
Cocktail: Kettle Soda
Favorite Atlanta Spot: Star Provisions, 4th and Swift