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Six Degrees is a series asking the same 15 questions of bloggers, business owners, and creative entrepreneurs.  Our communities have become larger and the world has become smaller.  It’s only a few steps from me to you to these fabulous humans I have featured today.  

Julia Fain writes and edits the blog Tag and Tibby about vintage collecting, design inspiration, and making a house a  home. The blog this year will be about making their new home our style: an eclectic blend of vintage and modern.

What should people not miss when visiting your town?

We are brand new to Charlotte! We just moved from Saint Paul, Minnesota and I’m going to share a few favorites from MN: Como Zoo for family time, Grand Avenue for laid back dining, Art + Architecture for eclectic industrial inspiration. The Riverview Theater in Minneapolis has a wonderful vintage feel.

What motivates you?

One of my favorite things is an estate sale on a Saturday morning. I walk through history when I visit older homes and I find it inspiring to see what others have collected over the years.

What skill or talent  do you wish you had?

Well I can’t dance. I’ll say that first. But seriously. Drawing never came easily in design school. In product design they asked for a lot of freehand sketching and I was more rigid than that. But I loved computer modeling and I think one can be creative and design driven even if they lack drawing skill.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I’m not sure there is such a thing. I think happiness is often in contrast to life’s struggles. But I do believe in joy and happiness. An ideal day for me would be with our family. Our kids would get along beautifully and we’d go on an adventure--to the mountains or the ocean.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy?

I don’t play the lottery, but if I did and won I would buy a cottage near the ocean. Decorating it with an unlimited budget would be pretty amazing.

Go-to comfort food?

I am from the south, so pulled pork and banana pudding are pretty high on my list. And my Mom’s sweet tea.

Favorite flavor?

Talenti Gelato Sea Salt Caramel.

What is your ideal work environment?

When I worked in corporate design I lived in a cubicle with fluorescent lighting. I don’t miss that at all. Now I work from home. I’d really love to be a part of a creative coworking space like Makeshift Society in San Francisco.

 Who is your dream collaboration?

I’d love to work with some of the big blogs. My favorites include Poppytalk, Handmade Charlotte, A Beautiful Mess. I would love to see how they operate day to day.

Person you'd like to switch bodies with for a day?

Oh that is a tricky one. My days are pretty full and I don’t often think about it. Emily Henderson? Especially now that she is a mom. I’d like to see how she juggles it all. And I adore her style.

When do you pretend the most?

A good cup of coffee in the morning on a back porch gives me plenty of creative energy. Chatting with my husband is also inspiring. We daydream and cast visions about our new house together. His background is in design and its fun to combine ideas.

Where would you like to have a second home?

We just moved to North Carolina and are about 3 hours from the ocean. I’d love a quiet spot in the Outer Banks. Not picky.

In what conditions do you thrive?

I enjoy solitude. Time and freedom to wander around and find new shops and interesting places.

Without using typical identifiers (ex: demographics, mom, wife, blogger, careers) how would you describe yourself?

Creative and entrepreneurial. Motivated and caring. Slightly distracted. Easily inspired.

What is your motto?

It is well with my soul.


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