super scientific graph of emotional ups and downs of interior design by capella kincheloe interior design phoenix

Super-scientific emotional graph

Designing a home is emotional and if you haven't embarked on this adventure before many clients aren't prepared for how emotional it can be.  The larger the scope the more emotional it'll be.  Getting a new sofa and chairs - easy.  Getting a new sofa and chairs in a new living room in a newly constructed house - a little more strenuous.  The more time and money you have invested in the project the more emotionally invested you'll be as well.

There are a range of emotions that a typical client goes through.  I want you to know that you're not alone.  Everyone goes through these emotions, everyone is scared, excited, apprehensive, overwhelmed, nervous, and so much more.

If you're like most people you'll feel excitement for the possibilities of your home.  Anticipation when the project starts.  Delighted when you start seeing selections and shopping.  Apprehension when old furniture is removed or construction begins.  Anxiety when you feel time and money passing without seeing many results.  Disappointment when the project (inevitably) takes longer than expected.  Finally met by Elation when its done and you see everything come together. Relief that you can enjoy your new space and your home no longer has tradespeople walking through.

You're home is such a personal and private space that it's really no wonder that they say that designers have to be a friend, therapist, psychologist, and manager.  Despite what some may think, it's not an easy job, because designers can bear the brunt of many of these emotional ups & downs.  The thing to keep in mind is that you're not alone.  Even though everyone may handle the emotions differently or in different waves - everyone has them.  Many clients experience a roller coaster of emotions and some of them will feel manic with alternating feelings of I love it!/ what the hell have I done?

So if you're on the roller coaster, remember everyone feels the ups and downs - it's totally normal.