101 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

101 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

There are hundreds of reasons to hire an interior designer.  Most of them come down to correct allocation of assets.  They can keep their eye on the big picture, help maximize your investment and minimize headaches.  They know who to call and how to avoid and resolve problems.  They're there to make your space beautiful and functional.  

There are designers out there for all types of projects and budgets.  There are designers who could help you with every single thing on this list and some that specialize in certain ones.  But hiring a designer is more than just finding pretty things and getting a discount on them.   

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5 reasons you need to hire an interior designer.  Photo by DTTSP I wrote an article a few weeks ago titled, 5 Reasons to Not Hire A Designer.  Because of the expanding world of design and increasing accessibility and price points of interior design, as my business has grown, I get a couple emails each week from "tire kickers".  Essentially people who are not really ready to hire a designer but are testing the waters.  Which is fine, I want people to be interested in interior design and be open to the possibility of hiring a professional.  But like I said in the article, 5 Reasons to Not Hire A Designer, you may not be ready to pull the trigger.

Today I am going to talk about the 5 Reasons You Need to Hire A Designer.  Here are 5, but there are probably hundreds of good reasons to hire a decorator.

1. To have an awesome home. This is a given, right?  A designer will pull everything together for you making your home your favorite place on earth.  Don't you want to spend time enjoying your home and not wishing it was better?

2. To invest wisely.  Hiring the right professional will keep your budget in line.  A decorator can tell you where you need to spend a little money, where you'll get most bang for your buck and where you can go the inexpensive route.

3. You know what you like and want help refining and elevating your style.  This is the number one comment I hear from new clients.  They know what the like (and don't like) but they don't know how to translate that into a cohesive design.  Cue the designer.

4. Narrow your choices.  Ever been to a design center?  Its overwhelming.  By hiring a professional, you are sending them out to find the best pieces for your project and they report back what they find.

5. You're unique.  Everyone can shop at Pottery Barn, but designer's create a space that is uniquely you.  They have the resources to custom build you whatever you desire, to make a sofa, a chair, an armoire that no one else has.  A designer will push you to think in new ways, bringing fresh ideas into your home.  A designer will create a home for you that looks like no one else's.  With a designer you'll get a home that reflects who you are, a unique individual.

Now, in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you:  What is your number one reason for hiring a designer?