I've had many a comments and emails about the "wallpaper" in my living room from my hour tour on Friday.  It surprises even some people that see it in person that its a stencil from here.  Insanely priced at about $35 for the stencil, a quart of paint, and an entire weekend (plus) for one wall.  This work is laborious, but the end result is dramatic and lovely and if you can spare a weekend or two I would absolutely recommend using a stencil.  I would not however, suggest this for people who are extreme perfectionists - it won't look perfect, if you look close you will see imperfections, mistakes, splotches, holes, and other undesirable attributes.  My husband wanted to paint over the very first portion we did, when the stencil was free of paint residue and the edges were sharp.  But I am impatient and pressed on knowing we couldn't make each line crisp because I wanted that wall done.  I wanted my living room back quickly.  I, of course was right once the wall was done you see the overall effect and not the imperfections.

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