how to budget interior design photo credit: dttsp

Today we're talking about interior design budgets.  If you missed yesterday's Part 1, What Will it Cost to Decorate My Home? read that first.

Ever wondered how much it would cost to redo your living room?  I often meet with clients and when I ask, "What do you want to spend on this project?" or "What is your interior design budget?" I usually get blank stares and not-sures.  There are a few reasons for not sharing your budget with an interior designer.

1) You really don't know what you should spend.  

Though if I really press there is usually an amount clients don't want to exceed.   Do you want to spend one million?  Or maybe $10,000?

2) You have an amount in mind but are unsure if it is feasible.  

You'll want to use the budget worksheet below or just throw the number out to your designer.  She'll be able to tell you if the amount is reasonable.

3) You have an amount in mind but don't want to show your cards. 

The right designer cannot give you what you want without knowing what you want to pay for it.  She can't do her job without knowing  what your number is.  Read yesterday's post, What Will it Cost to Decorate My Home? to see the pitfalls of not showing your cards.