We are winding down my Wednesday Feature on Michael Smith alums, so I think it is fitting that we are  closing up with one of the most well known, Schuyler Samperton.  While Schuyler and I have never met (we both did four years with Michael, but a few years apart), she did kindly answer questions about her favorite things.
Candle: Diptyque Baises
Sheets: Libeco
Fashion Designer: Ralph Lauren
Casual restaurant: Malibu Seafood
Flower: Peony
iphone or blackberry: iphone
Art: Dean Larson’s portraits of my dogs
Necessary extravagance: Massages with Johannes
Favorite furniture/design/home shop: Maison 819
Watch: Cartier tank or vintage Rolex
Dessert: Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip
Vacation Destination: Sun Valley, ID Piece of Jewelry: The elk teeth necklace that belonged to my boyfriend, Stephen What are you working on currently: Houses in the Palisades, Malibu and Venice, CA

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