The Colorless ATL

KOL Living Room by Capella Kincheloe
I was at the House Beautiful Design Institute Keynote Panel last Thursday and the topic was "Big Trends, Fringe Moments and the Color of It All".

When I moved to Atlanta it was a big aesthetic change.  The south views interiors much differently from designers and consumers in California.  One of the big differences is southern interiors are often swathed in neutrals.  Lots of beige, white, off-white, flax, and light blues, there is not a lot of color.  At this point you could argue about the subtleties of blueish grey and greyish blue and that creme is a color, but Atlanta is really lacking in embracing the other colors in the rainbow.  You can point to designers such as Decor Demon's Brian Patrick Flynn and John Oetgen who are doing loads of big bright in-your-face color, but generally Atlanta designers are known for soft neutrals and pastels.  These make beautiful interiors, but I am ready for something fresher and more vibrant in my new city.  There are many artists and young creatives that are moving to Atlanta and I suspect that you'll see an infusion of color in the coming years.  Don't forget that the King of Color is from Atlanta.

I like clients who are not afraid of a mustard couch or a aubergine velvet chair.  Clients who are not stuck in the formality of the old south, those that want bold pattern (not talking chintz here), want to bring in pieces from their travels (mexican wrestling masks, chinese silks, balinese bells!), those who want escape the world of safety beige and be adventurous!

So what do you think?

[Update: I no longer live in Atlanta, but during my time there I did see an infusion of more color, but people do love tradition in the south and clients needed coaxing to come out of their (neutral) shell.  Atlanta is a wonderful city, with an amazing design community and a thriving arts scene.]