$30 to Fabulous

This weekend I added about a million projects to my home to-do list.  I also discovered that I am incredibly impatient because I want to see what it looks like, like now. I have a high bed, so the perfect bedside table height is around 30 inches.  I had been using a bar cart (I told you I was obsessed!) but it was bulky and looked too cluttered.  I will either use it on the screen porch or clean it up and put it on craigslist.  I suppose that depends if the screen porch is warm enough for parties when I get around to that project.

I saw this DIY through one of my favorite blogs Little Green Notebook and had to try it.  Sorry for the awful image!  I am deciding on hardware now because hardware will make my $30 drawers look expensive and custom.  All hardware images are from the Hardware Hut.

Click to view product #AHW-288-OW-SSClick to view product #AME-BP3427-BBClick to view product #AME-BP1430-3Click to view product #AHW-319-PNImage of product #GAD-HRP1022

I will also need to do another coat of stain and lacquer the whole thing, but I was really excited to see how it would look.  So what do you think?  What hardware would you choose?