It is over the way we lived

"It is over the way we lived.  Everything in our world is changing quicker than we can imagine."

A few months ago I was at a presentation and I heard this.  Isn't it so true?

It was uttered by legendary interior designer David Easton.  Seems to me that Mr. Easton has a firmer grasp on the current state of design than many others, who are slow to adapt or in-denial.  Anyone with a finger in design is in limbo, clients, designers, vendors, manufacturers, bloggers, and magazines are all in netherworld of the way it was and the future.  Many have adapted beautifully and others haven't yet realized Mr. Easton's quote.

I have co-founded a group in Atlanta called Design Collective to influence and address the current design conditions.  We are just getting off the ground, but it is an exciting time to embrace change.  I have been asked by dozens of people about where I see design going, including an opportunity to give a presentation on January 14th at the AmericasMart titled "Adapting to Changing Design Clients."  There is more information about my presentation on my website.

What do you think?  What are the challenges to the future of design?  Will the internet eliminate the need for an interior designer?  Who are the future design clients?  Let me know your thoughts!