As promised this is the reception area of the executive office I recently completed.  If you haven't seen the executive office before & after, I suggest you take a look at that now.
BEFORE:  This is the front entry of the office.  Imagine clients walking in- straight into the reception desk and all this file storage.

AFTER:  This is the front entry now.  Clients walk-in and are welcomed with this beautiful custom reception desk and a cozy guest chairs.  This layout makes more sense for the flow of the office, as the waiting clients are separated from the main office by the reception desk.

BEFORE:  The reception chairs used to sit where the reception desk is now.  This caused the clients to walk by the reception desk and potentially sensitive information, to see directly in the main office, and then face the front door.

AFTER:  Now this is what clients see when they walk in.  This desk was custom designed by me and the master carpenter created this masterpiece.  It has a wonderful waterfall top with two types of hardwood pressed together.

AFTER: Here is a more detailed view of the waterfall top.  While you can't see in these images, the top actually floats about an 1" around the rest of the desk for a lighter feel.
BEFORE:  You can see that this beverage center does not work and is not a good use of space.  The office needed more storage.
AFTER: Now the custom cabinets create more storage and hide the chaos.  (Knobs had not yet been installed when this photo was taken.)