Today I am sharing a small project I did earlier this year.  I was initially brought on to help bring a cohesive design to this spanish-style living room.  The homeowners were in the market for another home but had been looking for several years and wanted the living room to work better for them right now.  The space had first been designed as very formal, but that didn't work for the homeowners and their three kids and so they added in more family friendly furniture.  The homeowner wanted the bookshelves and the sofa/ ottomans to remain.


palmcroft phoenix arizona living room before image by capella kincheloe interior design

I had renderings done to show my proposed changes.  The fixture in the room lit it up like broadway, so I opted for this classic Serge Mouille light.  This light was never installed in this house because the homeowners found their new house just a few months after we started working on the living room!  There were other plans that were never executed in the space for that reason as well - new lamps, brighter art, a heavier tv console to balance the sofa, curtains in a gorgeous Nomi printed linen (that would have really helped unite those wild colors in the sofa).


Palmcroft Floor Plan by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Palmcroft Floor Plan by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
palmcroft living room rendering for capella kincheloe inteiror design
palmcroft living room rendering for capella kincheloe inteiror design
capella kincheloe interior design phoenix palmcroft living room rendering
capella kincheloe interior design phoenix palmcroft living room rendering

We did purchase a large rug to ground the living room.  The small rug in the Before image wasn't cutting it.  It was an island of floating ottomans.   We also removed the coffee table so eliminate the alley effect that was created with the sofa, the coffee table/ ottomans, and the tv console.  One side of the room felt too heavy and we added Baker swivel chairs for balance.  As you can see in the rendering above, I was going to add shades to the sconces with a printed fabric and a pair of stools for symmetry and additional seating.  The bookcase on the left is existing but had glass shelves.  I was going to replace the glass with wood and add a plant to liven up the space and unify the space with the patio that is just out the french doors.


Palmcroft after image living room phoenix arizona capella kincheloe interior design
Palmcroft after image living room phoenix arizona capella kincheloe interior design
Palmcroft living room after by capella kincheloe interior design
Palmcroft living room after by capella kincheloe interior design


Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad 04 Today I am sharing with you part one, the living room and kitchen of a house I just wrapped in Paradise Valley Arizona.  I think you'll be quite surprised at the transformation.  My client lives in an unassuming house on an unassuming street.

A typical man, the look of his surrounding weren't important to him.  Many of his hobbies live outside the home: hunting, driving race cars, and flying planes occupy his weekends.   As long as he had a comfortable seat, a large tv, and somewhere to put his beer he was happy as a clam.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad Before

After living in his home for many years, he was ready to make some improvements to it.  He was an extremely easy client and really trusted my opinion and decisions.  There were only two points of contention: the countertop material & the sofas.  More on that later.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad 03

This was a small remodel and job with the main focus on the remodel of the kitchen and bathroom.  A manly minimalist, he doesn't want or need a lot of stuff.  He stressed to me that he likes his space dark & cave-like.  So I choose a dark grey-blue for the walls.  When the painter started putting the color on the walls, my client called me concerned it was too dark (almost black!).  I told him to let the painter finish the room and then tell me what he thought.  He loves it.  It is Benjamin Moore Stormy Sky.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad 02

Then warm leather sofas, which was my most difficult task on this project.  Everyone has their own ideas on what is worthwhile to spend money on and to this particular client, the sofa was a disposable item.  If I had my way, it would have been a cognac-colored leather Belgian slope arm sofa.  If he'd have his way, he would have had a Lazy-Boy with a recliner.  But it was his house and we were already knee-deep in it.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad 01

This was also a lesson in balance, because my client wanted dark everywhere, but if you have dark floors, dark cabinets, & dark walls there is no balance and balance is so important to a well-designed space.  So I choose BM Alaskan Skies for the walls in the kitchen.  This helps really set off the pretty wood grain and countertops.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad Kitchen 01

My client is a tall man so the counters were raised to 36" and I had the cabinets go to the ceiling.  I don't like a lonely cabinet, so I eliminated the cabinets on the window wall.  We kept the black fridge and dishwasher and replaced the range & microwave and added a beverage cooler.  Keeping with the black, we used a black faucet and then went stainless steel on the backsplash.  A bit of the industrial edge.

What do you think of that lovely dropped ceiling in the before picture?  Love the fluorescent lighting.  In the new kitchen there is under counter led lighting for the bar and under cabinet led lighting that is dimmable for all sorts of moods.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad Kitchen Before

Now, the countertops.  I had originally wanted black quartz.  I love black quartz countertops.  Quartz is a great, hardy material and I think it looks great in a kitchen - plus it doesn't show dirt and food.  I also used it in this project.  When we went to check out slabs and materials my client fell in love with a very expensive granite and wanted it everywhere.  You can read about my feelings on granite in this post.  He would have gotten his way if there wasn't a slab shortage and only enough to do the island.  So we compromised again, black quartz on the perimeter and the granite on the island.

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad Kitchen 02

Paradise Valley Bachelor Pad Kitchen Counters

So what else do you want to know about this project?

Stay tuned for Part Two of this project on Monday - the bedroom & bathroom.


As promised this is the reception area of the executive office I recently completed.  If you haven't seen the executive office before & after, I suggest you take a look at that now.
BEFORE:  This is the front entry of the office.  Imagine clients walking in- straight into the reception desk and all this file storage.

AFTER:  This is the front entry now.  Clients walk-in and are welcomed with this beautiful custom reception desk and a cozy guest chairs.  This layout makes more sense for the flow of the office, as the waiting clients are separated from the main office by the reception desk.

BEFORE:  The reception chairs used to sit where the reception desk is now.  This caused the clients to walk by the reception desk and potentially sensitive information, to see directly in the main office, and then face the front door.

AFTER:  Now this is what clients see when they walk in.  This desk was custom designed by me and the master carpenter created this masterpiece.  It has a wonderful waterfall top with two types of hardwood pressed together.

AFTER: Here is a more detailed view of the waterfall top.  While you can't see in these images, the top actually floats about an 1" around the rest of the desk for a lighter feel.
BEFORE:  You can see that this beverage center does not work and is not a good use of space.  The office needed more storage.
AFTER: Now the custom cabinets create more storage and hide the chaos.  (Knobs had not yet been installed when this photo was taken.)


This is an interior design project I recently wrapped up for a financial planner's office here in Phoenix.  After years of built-up clutter, she desired more organization and a more professional-looking office.  She didn't want the office to feel too corporate and still be welcoming to her clients.  Since she wanted to keep much of her existing furniture, we focused on items that would make the most impact (the grasscloth wallpaper) and eliminating items that were erroneous in the office.  We tried very hard to change the 30-year-old drop ceiling tiles, but the landlord was not on-board.
AFTER:  The wallpaper softens the industrial-ness of the office and give texture more than paint.  The conference table is the same, but we brought in linen covered chairs to lighten and bring in feminine lines.  The chaos of the cards and photos is now contained in two framed bulletin boards.


AFTER: I had the certificates reframed to give them more importance and be a cohesive grouping.  The two lamps add height to this side of the room and the fluorescent overhead lights can be turned off and still have light.

AFTER:  This is the first thing that clients now see walking into this office.  The doors were painted to show them off and add color.  The new rug defines the client area and plays on the door color while covering the industrial carpet.  The curtains soften the room and are a nice counter-point to the dark heavy office furniture.

Next week, I will share the reception area of this office, the transformation is even more astonishing than this office.