The business of design, how to be successful

Every designer I meet or speak to has one thing on her mind - how to be successful.  Success comes in different forms for each person, but the desire is the same - success.  Success could mean freedom, success could mean accolades, success could mean money.  Entrepreneurs I meet, not just interior designers, but really with everyone running their own business, I get the feeling that they're looking for that magic plan, the secret trick to become successful.  Even I feel that way sometimes, that if we could just figure out the right steps, our success would be laid out perfectly.  Or it would be easier, that it wouldn't be a struggle.  It is why we've become obsessed with other people's successes, why we love to hear the how.   As humans we love a story and we learn better from stories than just the facts.  Tell me the story of how spending money on advertising on radio didn't work for your business and I am much more likely to understand than just saying, "don't advertise on radio".  I received feedback from the participants of the last The Golden Blueprint that they'd like to hear more anecdotes and stories of the how & why.  So I am working on incorporating those into the course.

But what must be noted, is that the how & why for me is different from the how & why for you.  In The Golden Blueprint I don't tell you what to do, I provide the tools and knowledge for you to do it yourself.  There is no magic plan or perfect steps.  I provide the blueprint and you create your own success.  Which brings me to how I think anyone can be successful.

To be successful, you must work hard.  To be successful you must schedule time to work on your business and not just in the day-to-day.  To be successful, you must put what you know into practice.

Without doing these things you are just wishing, hoping, and dreaming about success.