Business Resolutions for Interior Designers


After working with so many designers in all shapes, forms, and stages of business, I wanted to share with you with you the resolutions I would wish for designers. These are the ones that I see repeatedly in almost every single interior designer out there.

Imagine if we could nail these resolutions in 2019 - how much better would you feel about running an interior design business and how much we could collectively raise the industry up!

Your Interior Design Business Resolutions

  1. Be Confident.

    No one has it all together. Promise. There is nothing standardized about running an interior design business, we’re all just trying to do the best we can. The majority of success comes from being confident that you can figure it out. Whatever “it” is. That’s part of being a business owner. Having a plan is really helpful too.

  2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

    You will lose confidence in yourself if you look at all the curated prettiness going on around you. You’ll feel inadequate if you’re comparing your business to someone who's been in business longer. Comparing your business and your achievements to others will only bring you down. You’re on your own journey, embrace it!

  3. Treat Your Business Like a Business

    You have to set the example. If you want your business to be treated seriously and with respect you must run it like a real business and not a hobby. Not sure if your business is professional - check out this article.

  4. Make Time for Time Off

    Just because you are the business owner doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some time off. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t start a business so you could work all the time. Avoid the habit of sneaking in an extra hour or two in the evenings or weekend after working a full day or week. Make sure that you schedule longer vacations and mental health days too. Your business will still be there when you return.

  5. Schedule Time to Work ON Your Business Not Just In It

    To keep your business healthy and profitable, you have to steer the ship. And you can’t do that when you’re in the drudges of the everyday tasks. You’ll need to take some time out of the everyday to take a broader view of what is going on in your business and where you want it to go. You can start with this 63-page Interior Design Planner. I also advocate scheduling regular CEO-time to keep you focused and on track.

More Resolutions Ideas

Here are some more business resolutions for interior design business entrepreneurs:

  1. Spend less time on devices.

  2. Give back to charities. Donate a portion of profits to a special cause.

  3. Keep learning. Take courses and classes, read books, listen to podcasts.

  4. Learn to say “no”.

  5. Find a mastermind, mentor, or coach.

  6. Things You’re Going to Stop Doing

  7. Delegate!

  8. Charge what you’re worth.

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